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Original Music For Grownups

Michele released her grownup Music CD, PLASTIC GARDEN in 2007. Since then, this lush blend of electronic pop and world music has gotten Internet Radio play, placement in the feature film THE BLISS and signing to licensing companies including TRIPLE SCOOP MUSIC & INDIE 911.

Michele Moreno is "A Rising Star! . . An artist with a unique beauty in her voice. A touch of grace."

-- Mozez, Zero 7 vocalist and solo artist

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Michele's "TRIPPIN" Music Video has over 20,000 hits! For details on the making of click here.


Plastic Garden offers worldly Trip Hop

If you're a fan of Dead Can Dance, Zero 7, or Imogen Heap, you'll love Michele's distinct brand of chill trip-hop -- celestial, worldly ear-candy.

Producers  Greg Kuehn, Georg Van Handel, Mark Wells, Paul Alexander Gonzalez & Tree Adams added pop & world elements to create electronica arrangements that are tasteful, inventive & lush. The lyrics take you on a garden stroll through love, living in fantasy, realizing truths & finding hope. "Just a hint of blossoms in the air keeps the fantasy alive, why are we always smelling roses, even when they're Dandelions? . . . The blue-haired child lives in a garden running wild, she is so inspired . . . Walk a lighter mile, lay your burden down & climb higher."

For Reviews and a list of Internet Radioplay, click here.


PLASTIC GARDEN got a stellar review. Click here to check it out!

INTERNET RADIO PLAY! Michele's track TRIPPIN is #10 on the Electronic Top Hits on SongVault.fm.

Hear Michele's track "WATER" free at FlyFi  www.flyfi.com/  -- a new way of discovering emerging artists ala Pandora.

AIRPLAY ON UCLA RADIO! Thank you to everyone who called in to request Michele's song Trippin which got rotation at www.UCLAradio.com

W HOTEL COMPILATION CD!  Songs from Plastic Garden got top billing on the exclusive W HOTEL chain's compilation CD in the Ambient category.