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Trippin Music Video

The seed for this video germinated when I was almost 7 months pregnant. I was an insomniac those last few months. One night at 3am I got the idea.

I had to film all the dance sequences before I was due! So in a span of 3 weeks, I found a location, a choreographer, did a casting call and called my video muse Steve Heuer.

I give it up to these pregnant women who had such a physically rigorous day and kept working, take after take, under hot lights and time pressure. Making this video was one of the most challenging and enjoyable things I've ever done.


Dancers: Diana Padilla, Crystal Willis & Sara Jafar

Director of Photography: Steve Heuer

Assistant DP: Terry Schroth

Editor: Jack Maatman

Choreographer: Katie DeSplinter

Makeup: Anthony Merante

Costumes: Linnea Mielcarek

Location: Special Thanks to Tamir & Francesca & Joanne Forchas & Ian Kimbrey for providing locations!!

Producer: Michele Moreno

Director: Alex Sokoloff (husband)

Pictured on right from L to R, Top Row: Diana Padilla, Michele Moreno, Sara Jafar & Crystal Willis. Bottom Row: Terry Schroth, Steve Heuer & Katie DeSplinter.