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Praise for Plastic Garden

Pop artist Michele Moreno adds ethnic flair to her AAA flavored waters on 'Plastic Garden.' Armed with tight songwriting & stirring vocals, Moreno’s is a fitting montage of world music, pop, AAA, & adult contemporary styles. She can give a thanks to artists like David Byrne, Beck, and Kate Bush for that eclectic influence. Her vocals haunt well after the last song rings out.

-- J-Sin, Smother Magazine

Michele provides a luxuriance to her musical interpretations that leave the listener wanting more and more. Exquisite and emotive vocals create a splendid debut.Plastic Garden is just the start of a great future on some very fertile ground.

-- Russell W. Elliott,

"Constantly inventive, the grooves are so delicious, Michele's voice sultry, infectious and chili-chocolate smooth. Her melodies, lyrics and chordal ideas are celestial."
-- Amy Raasch, Recording Artist

"Great sounds on a sunday morning after Dj`ing last night. Your songs are really BEAUTIFUL."
-- The Foofaraw, Norwegian DJ duo 

Radioplay (one of the Top 10 played artists) (Radio Clandestino) (WWUH) (


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