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* Music Time DVD Series

Michele was hand picked to compose 2 songs for a hot new DVD series, Funky Monkey presents MUSIC TIME. Her song "Music is Everywhere" is featured here -- click on the arrow. Grab your half-pint (child or libation) and check out this sweet animation!


* Original animation series & music

Since Michele's husband, Alexander Sokoloff, is a writer/director/animator, they're developing a music CD & animated kids series. Check out some of their songs & characters below!

Monsieur Mango play Monsieur Mango song

Join the dashing Monsieur Mango as he tells his life story & woos 3 Nutty Chorus girls - Brazil Nut, Hazel Nut & Peanut - all at the same time.

These girl nuts warn, "touch his fruit and you'll tango, with the baddest Mango in town," as they sing backup in his catchy tale of bravado & adventure.

Mango & Nutty Chorus girls

Toadfish learns about friends play Friendship song

This ugly Toadfish is having a tough time making friends. But the wise Queen Triggerfish explains "there's a big wide world out there, you'll find someone who cares."

This friendship song is plaintive & touching & teaches patience & the idea that you're never alone.

Queen Triggerfish and Toadfish

Manatee Mo play Manatee Mo song

Manatee Mo likes to take it slow. And so he teaches us "if you don't take your time, you'll miss out on the show."

"Cuz there's so much to learn, sometimes you have to just stop and float. Don't get caught up in the race, or you might finish in last place."

Manatee Mo

Toucan Tina can't stop lying! play Toucan Tina's Lying song

Toucan Tina learns the hard way that lying gets you in a lot of trouble.

One lie needs to another and that leads to nothing but stress and mess!

So, don't lie -- or else you might have to say goodbye, to all of your friends.